Old Home / Mama Kern’s Commercials DVD

Skywalker (aka T.A. (Alan) Chafin) has produced a mini-DVD of six Old Home / Mama Kern’s Bread commercials: “Kern’s Is Good Buns”, “Kern’s Is Good Bread”, “Kern’s Is Good Rolls”, “Kern’s Is Far Out”, and “Old Home Is Good Buns”; plus a commercial announcing the return of Kern’s Bread, “Kern’s Is Back”.

Contact Skywalker if you would like a copy of this mini-DVD. It’s just $1.50.

“Skywalker has hit a home run with his mini-DVD of Old Home/Mama Kern’s Bread commercials! I ordered one, folks. It arrived in yesterday’s mail. It is a true C.W. McCall classic at a ridiculously low price. Order one and you will love it! Fer shure, fer shure…I promise!” — Tom Claffey, author and C.W. McCall fan

For those of you who came it late, the original Old Home Bread commercials were altered slightly and re-used to advertise Kern’s Bread in the 1970s. Old Home Bread was only available in the six-state area near the Missouri River in western Iowa / eastern Nebraska — Metz Baking Company was based in Sioux City, Iowa — and Kern’s was based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The widely-separated market areas should have meant that consumers in either area would not be aware of the similar advertising campaigns; but then C.W. McCall released an album…

For the Kern’s commercials, the name of the trucker was changed to “A.J. Tucker” and the truck stop was “Mama Kern’s Filler-Up An’ Keep On A-Truckin’ Café”; but the waitress at the truck stop was still named Mavis.