C.W. McCall Fan Club

On the inside front cover of the LP Black Bear Road, there was an invitation:

To join the Official C.W. McCall Fan Club, Send $2.00 to:
C.W. McCall Fan Club,
[Address omitted, because people keep sending stuff to it. If you want to know, look at your albums. —Ed.]
(Please add .25c for postage and handling)

This offer was repeated, with slight variations, on the following three albums. With the release of the fourth album, Rubber Duck, the dues rose to US$3.00; but the fan club wasn’t mentioned on the final album of the Original Six, C.W. McCall & Co.

Two of the items that were provided in the membership kit were a 8x10 black-and-white glossy photograph of C.W. McCall and a membership card.

Bill Fries as C.W. McCall
This is the same photograph that was contained in the fan club membership kit. The photo in the kit wasn’t autographed, though: this particular photo is mine, autographed by Bill after a concert.
C.W. McCall Fan Club membership card, front C.W. McCall Fan Club membership card, back
The membership card.