Convoy “Rubber Duck” Mack Truck

For the release of the 1978 movie Convoy, ERTL of Dyersville, Iowa produced a 1/25 scale model of the “big black Mack” driven by the Rubber Duck. But the model isn’t as accurate as it should be; Chris Doyle, who provided these pictures of the model’s box and instructions, explains:

As a little background, I got my first copy of this kit in about 1980. I was a young inexperienced modeler, but I had to have it. It was a good kit, but I noticed something was seriously wrong. The kit is based on a U-series Mack, not the R-series. The U’s are easy to distinguish because of the offset cab, which is usually used in dump trucks and cement mixers. It wasn’t until about 1990 that I found a kit of the R-series. I have since found the Duck kit again in a modeler’s catalog at the small fee of $75. Oh, well, it’s only money. I’ve got a pretty faithful representation of the truck in the movie, including a lengthened sleeper. The extra pieces — bull bar, air deflector, Duck hood ornament — are all excellent and the decals in the kit even included the signage for the trailer.
Mack Truck box top
Mack Truck box side
Mack truck decals
Mack Truck instructions, page 1 Mack Truck instructions, page 2