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Tuesday, 1998 September 1 : Volume 1, Number 18
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Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath…

Celebrating the unofficial end of summer — at least, for us inhabitants of the northern hemisphere — it’s Water Week at TechRen Enterprises! Fill up the wading pool, load the Super Soaker, and get wet.

Up first is a new addition: “Nishnabotna”, from Rubber Duck. It’s a warm, nah, tepid memory of the possibilities for contracting tetanus. But it’s fun! Thanks to Paul Somerville for the request.

Sunday, September 6
Continuing this week’s theme, here’s another wet one: “Niobrara”, also from Rubber Duck. This river’s a bit deeper.

And to finish the celebration, an aquatic nightmare: “Green River”, from Black Bear Road. You might want to bring a wet suit.

September 8, 17:15 CDT.
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