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Monday, 2010 November 8 : Volume 13, Number 6
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What We Got Here

Not much, really. Two items of note, followed by much brooding, whining, and introspection; then a blatant advertisement. It’s not up to our usual standards, but what can you do?

Natal Anniversary

As the Earth continues its never-ceasing revolution about the Sun*, it’s time again for that annual holy day of the Crispy Critters, Bill Fries’ Birthday!

Yes, the Rubber Duck has gone ’round one more time, and the 15th of November will mark the end of his 82nd year on the planet (with more to come!).

So if you’re thinking about sending birthday greetings, his address is

Bill Fries
PO Box E
Ouray, CO 81427-0685

Or if you want to pack his e-mailbox, send a message to, and we’ll forward your message to Bill.

*As of November 8, 2010. Check back with me in about five billion years.

We’re Number One!

There’s a new search engine in town: Blekko.

It doesn’t attempt to be a replacement for Google or Yahoo! or Bing; instead, they’re relying upon users to perform searches, then weed out the useless sites.

And, at least for the moment, is #1 in the results if you search for “c.w. mccall”! Woo hoo! On Google we’re only #2, preceeded by an article on Wikipedia; which really isn’t so bad.

Also, we’ve created the slashtag (a shortcut to a group of links) “/cwmccall” that we’ll be using to add sites that we find relevant to C.W.

It’s a Hobby, Not a Job

You may have noticed that this year’s road trip, Convoy 2KX, died a slow, horrible death when the major participants failed — for various reasons — to get their schedules to coincide. And that The Legend-News, Your Source For “C.W. McCall Is Dead” Rumors™, has published only five issues so far this year (you’re reading the sixth).

There are problems that you will encounter when your hobby isn’t your business: you can plan all that you want, but real life intervenes and whacks you upside the head. Finances, health and family; sometimes having fun needs to take a back seat to the daily routine. There’s little point in spending a thousand bucks on fuel and motels when your mortgage (or rent) is far more important. And finding the necessary time to complete a task, whether driving cross-country or writing a newsletter, becomes more difficult when other activities usurp your time with their demands to be attended to.

Here at The Legend-News and C.W. McCall: An American Legend, we’re not immune to the problems that are plaguing the country. We’re underemployed, underfunded, and our savings are within waving distance of zero. Full-time employment is a dream, and part-time jobs are less than useful (or fulfilling). Occasionally a few hundred bucks comes in, but that’s hardly enough to stay afloat. And you’re probably faring about as well: with two exceptions, I don’t think that any other reader of The Legend-News can be considered as a “millionaire”. How are you doing?

The rain gutters need cleaning, the lawn needs one more pass with the mower; and the daylight hours are growing short. Consider this to be a roundabout explanation (or excuse; take your pick) for our lack of activity regarding all things C.W. McCall.

Although writers continue to name-check C.W. McCall — just do a Google News search on that name — there is little actual news to report. Bill Fries is retired: he makes a couple of personal appearances each year, in warm weather. No one is releasing remastered records on CD; Convoy the movie still hasn’t had a good DVD release. Nothin’ happening nowhere.

The future’s so dim that we’re wearing amber-tinted lenses to enhance the contrast.

Which leads to the next article…

The Future of The Legend-News

Six issues of The Legend-News, in 2010, is not a record. Long-time readers should recall the dark days of 2005, when only two issues were published, and the first of those issues arrived eleven months after the previous issue. Yes, those were the days. Even 2008 and 2009 had fewer issues (three and four, respectively).

Of course, when you think “The Legend-News”, you think “C.W. McCall”. But as we’ve noted above, there is a general lack of news regarding our favorite singer/songwriter. And, although I’ve been creating my own “news” as Twitter user LegendNewsFlash (warning: may not be suitable for children, celebrities, Democrats, and Republicans), I’m not keen on making up bogus stories about C.W. McCall.

But as you’ve come to expect something entertaining in each issue, not just the rantings of a guy with a sometimes-perverse outlook on life (that does not make me a pervert!), I will be relying on that old television standby: reruns!

Yes, reruns. Each month, The Legend-News will include stuff from old issues; items that you probably haven’t yet read (I’ve seen the site’s access logs, y’know) because they’re hard to find. (Okay, I’ve been meaning to clean up the site for years; maybe I’ll finish it one day.)

I can’t recreate the heady day of the late ’90s, when rediscovering C.W. McCall was fun and new; but I can at least get all of that information out where you, the Regular Joe and/or Jane, can get your C.W. fix without wading through the site. And, as a bonus, I will be taking those previously Legend-News-only articles and making new pages for them, so that future generations (if there are any) may more easily revel in the joy that was C.W. McCall.

Plus, there will be new articles, including a column, “Over the Double Nickel”, about some guy’s attempt to deal with growing older, but not up.

If all goes well (ha!) the next issue of The Legend-News will arrive on December 6, and each following issue on the first Monday of the month. Cross your fingers.

Bet You Didn’t See It Coming: Another Plug for Tom Claffey

Tom Claffey is working on his third novel about a couple a’ wimmen truckers, Bloomfield to Baghdad.

His previous three novels, Searching for C.W. McCall; Hoot ‘N’ Holler; and 8-Ball, Corner Pocket, are available at in both paperback and Kindle e-book editions.

Please buy Tom’s books. Please, please, please! Help a starving author! (Besides, we get a cut.)

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