Roses For Mama

Roses For Mama LP. Cover scan by T A Chafin. Roses For Mama
The Only Light
Livin’ Within My Means
Watch The Wildwood Flowers
Take My Duds To The Junkman
The Battle Of New Orleans
I Don’t Know (And I Don’t Care)
The Gallopin’ Goose
Night Hawk
Old Glory

The fifth album from C.W. McCall.

On the four previous albums, all of the words were written by Bill Fries, and all of the music by Chip Davis. On Roses For Mama, C.W. sings some songs that were written by others. Only three songs, "I Don’t Know (And I Don’t Care)", "The Gallopin’ Goose" and "Old Glory" are collaborations of Bill Fries and Chip Davis.


Date Distributor Format Catalog number
1977 Polydor Incorporated LP PD-1-6125
1977 Polydor Incorporated Cassette CT-1-6125



© (P) 1977 Polydor Incorporated

On the back cover of the LP, "I Don’t Know (And I Don’t Care)" is listed as "I Don’t Know (& I Don’t Care)".