The Legend-News

Monday, 2001 April 9 : Volume 4, Number 8

What We Got Here

Moving Day's a-comin' to MP3 McCall; get some C.W. McCall Membership Cards to flash when the cops pull you over; Rollin' The Dice Down The Road won't get you a new pair of shoes, though; and travel the "Long Lonesome Road" in the Song A’ Th’ Week.

MP3 McCall

On last Wednesday Jim Fisher, the maintainer of the C.W. McCall MP3 Archive, informed the Other Wild Places list of the Archive's imminent demise:

Hey people,

Just a head's up - the McCall MP3 archive is probably going to be shutting
down in the not too distant future -- probably within the next two weeks or
so.  My webhost has cut out unlimited bandwidth and in order to keep up with
things I'm going to have to cut out that site.

So get the MP3's while you can --


Jim Fisher

Thanks to Jim for creating the original MP3 Archive, without which C.W. McCall fans the world over would still be rummaging through Napster's trash heap, looking for good copies of C.W. McCall songs.

Just a reminder: MP3 McCall will contain only songs which are not available on either of the currently-available C.W. McCall CDs, C.W. McCall's Greatest Hits and The Best of C.W. McCall. Buy these CDs! Maybe, some day in the far-flung future, Polygram will free the master tapes and Bill and Chip can create a box set of remastered C.W. recordings.

C.W. Fan Club Membership Cards

C.W. McCall International Fan Club We have about 20 of these cards remaining. They are the same cards which were sent with the membership kit that you received when you joined the C.W McCall Fan Club by sending a couple of bucks to an address that was printed on a cover of the original vinyl LPs.

They're not for sale, but you can have one for a donation of US$10.00 or more to the Boy Scouts of America, Bill Fries' favorite charity. To get a card, write a check or money order payable to "Boy Scouts of America", and send it to

Edward Floden
6203 Ojibwa Ln
McHenry, IL 60050-7400

Your card will be in the mail on the next business day after your donation is received. So far, the donations to BSA have been $155.00. Thanks!

Rollin' The Dice Down The Road

Last June Miles Lumbard, the operator of The Narrow Gauge Circle and the home of "the other C.W. McCall site" "Tales Of The Four Wheel Cowboy", scored a few C.W.-related items, which I bought from him. Among those items was a "Convoy" board game, No. 7610 from American Games Inc. of Fort Worth, Tex., produced in 1976.

Convoy game box

Included in the game is a pair of dice, four little plastic truck tractors, a dozen each of "Chicken Coop" and "Smokey Bear" cards, a small stash of Monopoly-like money, and a playing board on which to push the little trucks around.

Convoy game board
The game board. Click on it for a really big picture.

Rubber trucks. Okay, plastic.

Chicken Coop cards

Smokey Bear cards
Definitely not Community Chest or Chance cards.

Funny money
Funny money. 30 each of $100, $500, and $1000. I wonder who these guys are trucking for?

Game rules
Of course, no game is complete without instructions. These are printed on the bottom of the box.

Despite the use of the line "Mercy sakes looks like we got us a Convoy" on the box front, C.W. McCall doesn't get any credit in the game.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is simple: get a color printer, print out everything, and play the game. Don't forget to buy a pair of dice; and you can use your Monopoly tokens to replace the little plastic tractors.

And print some extra money while you're at it. You never know when it'll come in handy.

Song A’ Th’ Week

Something to remember while you're playing the "Convoy" game.

Long Lonesome Road
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Black Bear Road

Well, it's a long, lonesome road
Through the lifetime of a trucker
But me and my good ol' friend here
We gonna make it

It's a long-haulin' road
And the load of life is heavy
But me an' this good ol' truck
We gonna take it

Through the wind an' rain an' thunder
'Til the stormy skies are blue
An' the sunrise lights the highway
Headin' home

Well, it's a long lonesome road
Through the lifetime of a trucker
But me and this here ol' truck
We gonna make it

Well, it's a long lonesome road
And the miles of life are many
But me an' these eighteen wheels
We gonna take it

It's a long way to go
And the road ahead is troubled
But this ol' rig and me
We gonna make it

Through the wind an' rain an' thunder
'Til the stormy skies are blue
An' the sunrise lights the highway
Headin' home

It's long lonesome road
Through the lifetime of a trucker
But this ol' truck and me
We gonna make it

Yeah, me and this good ol' friend
We gonna make it

"Long Lonesome Road" can be found on the album The Best of C.W. McCall.

The Legend-News is Copyright 2001 TechRen Enterprises. "What does it mean, Agent Mulder?" "Everything." Thanks to Bill Fries and Chip Davis for the words and music.